Hazrat Ali R.A By Dr Taha Hussain Download Pdf

Book Name: Hazrat Ali

Writer: Dr Taha Hussain


The book Hazrat Ali R.A Pdf is written by Dr Taha Hussain Misri. He wrote excellently on the biography of the Fourth Caliphate of Islam. He was the cousin of Rasool Allah SAWW. Hazrat Abu Talib was the father of the great personality. By reading this book, every Muslim feels enthusiastic about his love to him. So, it is not only a biography but also, a great treasury for the Muslims.

This book Hazrat Ali R.A Pdf is the masterpiece work on the lifespan, wars, childhood, and many events of fourth Khalif of Islam. Hazrat Ali R.A accepted Islam in his youth and became the first children who accepted the prophethood of Muhammad SAW. He fought many battles and showed his valour on many occasions. Hazrat Muhammad PBUH gave him the title of Lion of Allah and also awarded him with the sword Zulfiqar. We hope that you will love to read this biography.

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