Karbala Ka Musafir By Allama Mushtaq Ahmad Nizami Pdf

Book Name: Karbala Ka Musafir

Writer: Mushtaq Ahmad Nizami


Mushtaq Ahmed Nizami is the author of the book Karbala Ka Musafir Pdf. Mushtaq Ahmad Nizami is a prominent scholar of Islam. He belongs to a religious family. Ahle Sunnat school of thought is the first educational background of the writer. He wrote this book with respect to enhance the knowledge about the events of Karbala and martyrdom of Hazrat Imam Hussain R.A.

The book Karbala Ka Musafir Pdf is the collection of events that happened on 61st Hirah. This book is an excellent reply to all those people who support Yazeed Bin Muaviah. It is one of the most-read books with full references when Yazidi forces attack the Muslims and Momineen. The writer describes the whole events in a sequence to prove that Yazeed was cruel and savage who wanted subjugation by Imam Hussain R.A. It is the best response to all critics who declared Imam as a rebel.

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