Ela Kalimatullah By Peer Mehar Ali Shah Pdf Download

Book Name: Ela Kalimatullah

Writer: Peer Mehar Ali Shah


The book Ela Kalimatullah Pdf is written by Peer Mehar Ali Shah. Pir Mehar Ali Shah is a famous spiritual leader in Pakistan. He lives in Golra Sharif near Islamabad. He authored some best books on Tasawaf which brought him to the mainstream fame. Though he was a great mystic Sufi and Poet, his religious inspiration made him the greatest personality of the Muslims.

This book Ela Kalimatullah Pdf is a beautiful gift on Tasawaf by Pir Mehar Ali Shah. This book contains the injunctions of Allah about the negation and doing the acts. It is the book which tells about the deeds what to do and what not to do. For the easement of readers, he elaborated all the injunctions in this book, which is very helpful for all the people living in this world. I hope you will like this book Ela Kalimatullah Pdf and share it.

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