Aqsa Ke Aansoo by Mufti Abu Lubaba Shah Pdf Download

Book Name: Aqsa Ke Aansoo

Writer: Mufti Abu Lubaba Shah Mansoor


The book Aqsa Ke Aansoo Pdf is written by Mufti Abu Lubaba Shah Mansoor. He is the writer and scholar of Islam. He wrote the history of the Muslims living in the central east in this book and highlighted their problems very well. By writing this book, the writer got the enormous fame among the scholars of Islam.

This book Aqsa Ke Aansoo pdf by Mufti Abu Lubaba Shah Mansoor is a masterpiece work about the first direction of Allah’s house. Masjid e Aqsa is the first house of Allah, and Ahl e Kitab (Muslims, Christians, and Jews) love this house. The writer wrote the history of Masjid e Aqsa in this book and told the events of the involvement of the Israeli forces in this sacred place. Now, the Israeli troops have captured the entire area of Palestine. I hope you will also like this book Aqsa Ke Aansoo pdf.

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